Since 1997, L’Aire Libre Theatre welcomes the musical creation of the Trans.

The artist in creation gets several days of residency before playing five dates with an audience.


Moon Gogo is the latest project of the well-known Federico Pellegrini (The Little Rabbits, French Cowboy…) who went once with Helena Noguerra (Dillinger Girl And «Baby Face » Nelson). The singer and keyboard player goes now with E’Joung Ju, a Korean woman who has been living in Nantes for eight years. She plays the geomungo, a huge Korean string instrument which has been invented more than 1600 years ago. Their work mixes traditional music, adapted versions of songs originally written for French Cowboy and very unique compositions. The non-territorial based songs tend to be laid-back, chilled and make you lose your grounding by colliding ancestral Korean sounds, dreamy Americana and European synthetic touch.


Robin Poligné is certainly a strange bird whose songs rekindles the memories of some French synthetic pop vividly embodied by Jacno and Etienne Daho. A music at once futurist and rudimentary, elegant and slightly dim, this multi-instrumentalist from Rennes deals with material resources inversely proportioned to its inventiveness – some keyboards and drum machines that he hacks alone in his corner. Above all, it is by his tone that he seperate himself from the nest. A mix of wry humor and social melancholy that is only found among the private circle of the people in Grenoble.


Fishbach is Flora Fischbach. But just as Alain Bashung (ex-Baschung), she threw away the « C » in her Germanlike last name. Last spring, she released an EP that raised awareness at Entreprise (Superets, Grand Blanc, Bagarre, Juniore…). Underground hit, Mortel new-wave, a bold and hard to recognized cover of Bernard Lavilliers’ Night Bird… the girl from Charleville-Mézières is destroying the myth of French pop. Fishbach is a mix of tortured confessions and synthetics explosions. She plays cold and hot and transforms the French pop of the eighties by adding punk and not caring too much about the backlash or about good taste. She is usually on stage with only a Telecaster and a good old computer but here Fishbach will play at the Trans Musicales with a band for an Aire Libre special project. She says Tu Vas Vibrer (you are going to like it) and we believe her.