Compagnie Hors-Série

Influenced by some of the pioneers of hip-hop dance and different branches of contemporary dance, Hamid Ben Mahi has created this piece as a journey for five dancers. Immerstadje immerses you in the world of a small community: these “heroes in the making” gradually reveal a piece of their childhood and their dreams. The bodies are bowled over with freedom. They liberate themselves and awaken us to this childlike voice that it more often than not stifled, which whispers to us that happiness is there, not far away. If another world is possible, then here, it is simply a question of imagining it.


Choreography & Staging:

Hamid Ben Mahi

Company: Hors-série

In partnership with l’Espace Bel Air


Another performance will be held on the same day at 2pm for school groups only


FRIDAY 30th november ESPACE BEL AIR | Ticket