Raph Dumas VS DJ Haze

Raph Dumas sure likes to rack up the projects, as he’s a producer (Pascal Comelade, The Limiñas), composer, label boss, an artist with an immense discography, a DJ and a remixer! His musical activism is enough to fill several lifetimes! Following two appearances at Trans (in 2017 as a DJ, and 2010 alongside The Primaveras & Cobla La Mil.Lenària), he’s now back, and as usual, he’s bringing his passion for groove, funky breakbeats and…. his homeland of Catalonia!

DJ Haze needs no introduction. Ok, but only for those who haven’t yet had the chance to witness this Brittany-native’s sets. This fan of disco, soul, deep funk, Afrobeat (and we forget what else) has been sharing his finds and rare groovy sounds for almost 25 years now. While he may open with Amp Fiddler, Roy Ayers, Snoop Dogg or Magic Malik, that’s because he’s opened his horizons since discovering the Africanised rock of Talking Heads, while making his sound inspired by Funkadelic’s motto: Free your mind… and your ass will follow!


THURSDAY 6th december HALL 8 Parc Expo | Ticket